More People Sketching

Did a few more sketches around town today. The only person who caught me sketching was the little red haired kid on the other side of the sofa, we just kept peeking at each other while I drew his mum. I rather  like how the snow-haired gentleman’s expression came out, he had this good-natured serenity about him which I hope one acquires with age. The black gentleman wearing all black was quite striking to look at…was a bit hard capturing him. This weekend I’m off to Minnesota for a workshop, I have an interesting drawing project in mind which  hope to share when it is complete. Have a good week!


People Sketches

Grocery shopping days are a good drawing-day for me… since my wife lets me sit at the adjoining cafe. I’m really grateful for that. The gentleman reading the newspaper was a fantastic model, he hardly moved so I could actually finish the entire drawing quickly. I was in half a mind to show my sketch to him as I liked how it turned out. How someone else sees you is so different than what you think you look like, and it is not always reassuring I guess. Tom Richmond (whose workshop I going to on the 16th) is going to do a caricature of attendees there (including yours truly), I’ll post it and see how I feel about it …. serves me right.

Two quick portraits using using black ink-wash

I wanted to practice drawing some faces today, but also invoking a recent inspiration from the work of the Canadian artist Scott Waters (  His portraits using black ink are absolutely haunting to my eyes (they are on his tumblr page).  I was on google reading something about New Delhi and came across a link with these two interesting faces, probably from the area. So here are my renditions using fountain-pen black ink.



Two elderly men in a coffee shop…

I love drawing elderly men. There were two gentlemen who caught my eye today- the first one was reading a newspaper, I hardly see that anymore, just cell phones and more cell phones. The second man wore the brightest colors, rocking large purple head phones and a big white watch, walking very slowly towards the counter.  I was wondering if it was a second end/mid-life crisis. Hope I get to have one of those… as soon as I deal with the first one.

A cartoon in celebration of Janmashtami

To my non-Indian friends and bloggers, this is a mouthful I know. But today is a famous Indian festival in celebration of Krishna. Lots of sweets! The story goes that he was very fond of fresh butter as a kid and would cause a lot of trouble for his mom trying to steal some from the kitchen. The cartoon I drew shows his stealing some, but with the help of a more hi-tech solution, don’t know why I found that funny, but am posting it anyway. IMG_0579[44018]

Caricature- Ustad Bismillah Khan

Bismillah Khan (21 March 1916- 21 August 2006). I came across a homage to this  revered musician today, and was so moved by his graceful and joyful presence. I wanted to draw this  as my little homage too. He represents the best of our culture, as a pious muslim, he was also a shehnai player player at the Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi. He received the ‘Bharat Ratna’. I did not know this but, on India’s independence,15 August 1947, he performed at the Red Fort right after the Nehru’s speech.


Sakshi Malik and a biker sketch

Sakshi Malik, an indian wrestler made us all proud and won a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics. She sounds like a remarkable young woman who overcame all kinds of odds in a very patriarchal society, this is very inspiring and makes one optimistic. So in her honor, I did a quick sketch while watching the closing ceremony tonight.

I saw a couple of  huge elderly bikers getting coffee today, their T-shirt said RIP city riders (must be a club in town), and all kinds of patriotic things on their T-shirts I think. I wish I could have sketched their bikes too, maybe next time… if they let me.

One Quick Sketch/going to a drawing workshop

Did one quick sketch while sitting  next to this man today. Did a few more scribbles in my sketchbook but decided against posting it.

I am going to a 3 day intensive drawing workshop conducted by Tom Richmond in his studio in September. I think he is one of the greats of caricaturing/cartooning, checkout his work, link to his wikipedia page is below-

He will work on a project with each student, I think I have some interesting ideas I want to work with him on. I am really excited to be going!


IMG_0569 [277377]

People sketches

Did two drawings today. The first one is still a perspective drawing from where I was sitting, note the coffee cup and box on my table. The second one is a lady who came at the last minute, she deserved her own painting. I used gouache water color for an impressionistic quick sketch of her. I wish I can draw her again-she had a golden red skin tone, a blazing embroidered top, sitting across the bright window she seemed to have come from another time….. except for the starbucks coffee cup in her hand 🙂