People Sketches of the week

A few sketches/paintings I did this week. Have a year end, will try to post a few more sketches before the year ends, will be traveling to the east-coast for a few days.





Peter Sellers: a caricature-retrospective



Finally drew some caricatures of Peter Sellers in some of my favorite roles. I hope you can identify some of the movies/roles from these drawings. The first one from the movie ‘The Party’, I posted the pencil sketch last week. Most of you probably recognize Dr. Strangelove, this was the toughest to draw, I spent an entire evening trying to get the smile and gesture, slept over it, dreamed about it and thing I got a likeness that I was OK with. The last one is from the movie ‘Being there’- probably his best role, please do watch it if you can, it was one of his last movies. The other two are from a great movie called ‘Mouse that roared’, and of course Inspector Cleasueau (from the Pink Panther series).

If any of you is a Peter Sellers fan who wants a reprint of this let me know!


Peter Sellers from ‘The Party’

I am trying to do a series of Peter Sellers sketches like what I did with a Panel of Rajnikanth cartoons- how an actor ages?. Here is a pencil sketch (will color these at a later date when I am done with the series) of Peter Sellers as Harundi Bakshi from the movie the Party (1968). My father and I share a love for this movie. I remember laughing uncontrollably watching this movie with my father when I was a kid. Watching this movie makes me feel like a kid again. Peter Sellers was a genius who loved studying accents and different cultures. This is a very funny and sympathetic portrayal of a clueless indian man trying to make it in Hollywood. This movie is priceless! One of my favorite lines from the movie-

A very angry man shouts at Bakshi (Peter Sellers)- Who do you think you are??!!

Bakshi- In india we do not think who we are, we know who we are.



Paintings this week- reflections on the Trump election

Here a gouache painting of this young girl picking up the trash at the local mall/cafe. I heard her speaking in spanish, studying the jobs postings. I was filled with gratitude for her work ethic, gentle demeanor and for making sure that I had a clean place to work and draw in. I am afraid that the new president elect and his supporters in their arrogance, do not realize how fortunate this country is to have a steady flow of good hard working people who keep America great. Let us hope the new president realizes this before he irreversibly changes the welcoming fabric of this nation. I trust he will, since he does not seem to be an ideologue.


We went to the redwood forests this weekend and stopped at a quaint ice cream place on the way. I sketched this sweet old lady enjoying the sun and eating her ice cream. I’m glad I remembered to take my drawing supplies. I am really enjoying combining my drawings with gouache paint, maybe this will be my style if I keep at it.




After a bit of a break- Anthony Bourdain

I have been on an art-break, I go through this once in a while introspecting, questioning what I am doing and trying to stay motivated to keep drawing. I am considering drawing a small comic-strip with characters I can grow over the years (more about this in the future). Anyway, I love watching Anthony Bourdain in his travel cum cooking show. People say he has the best job in the world, but he must have a constitution of steel to digest street food from around the world. I often think there must be footage of him really sick between episodes! He has a great asymmetric face, was fun to draw. If you have not seen it on CNN do check it out.


Cafe Sketches this week

Its been almost a year since I started this blog, and I have been mostly consistent every week with drawings. But it has been a few weeks since I went out and drew some people in town. Was pleased with the latino gentleman immersed in his laptop game, with an ipod and an iphone on the table. I call him electronics overkill, not too far from where I am. The best thing about people with gadgets is that they are great models and have no clue that I am drawing/painting them. Have a great week.





I got some feeback from Tom Richmond at his workshop when I wanted to do this a few weeks ago. So here it is completed (I think). This panel of drawing is an homage to the actor Rajnikanth (‘Thalaivar’ as he is affectionately called by Tamil speaking fans like me). Hopefully you recognize these avatars, I tried to capture him in six of his most iconic roles  (according to me:)-  they start with a comedic role in 1981, right up 2016 “Kabali Da”.  Hope you like it!! If you, or a fan you know want a non-watermarked print, I can have a high-resolution A4 sized glossy print sent to you. Details are on my blog page-requestaprint



Workshop with Tom Richmond!

What a privelege it was to spend a few days with Tom, and a great group of cartoonists from as far away as Hong Kong. We spent Friday visiting his home and gracious family, and spent some hours in his home-studio where he demoed his techniques from inking to coloring etc. Great to see his studio and the mantle full or awards (including of course the 2011 Reuben award!- previous recepients have been other legends like Jack Davis, Mort Drucker and Bill Watterson).img_0646746814

We spent the next two days doing a LOT of drawings till my head hurt. He helped me see specifically the many areas I had to do a lot of work on. Here are a few drawings I did, I learnt to caricature babies, and try to be a bit braver with my exaggerations. The last couple of drawings might show signs of that.img_0641746822img_0642746820img_0643746818

After that a group of us caricatured each other posing for about 15 or 20 minutes. So here is a caricature Tom did of me. So this is what I really look like!! I put my picture right next to the life-size batman costume Tom has in his studio LOL. His work place is the funnest I have seen, I would never leave a studio designed like that. That is my template for a dream-studio some day.


Finally Tom helped me work on a top-secret project I am working on, I will unveil it sometime this year. Got a lot of pointers on how to make it happen. A clue is in the print he signed to me. I absolutely love his montage for characters that he does- especially of the Sherlock Holmes that I got home. Will frame it as inspiration in my home-office.


So that was my weekend! I cannot wait to do some drawings, but this month is a really busy work month. So once my scientific grants are done, time for a lot of drawings!